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Women's Boxing Development Conference 2022:

50th Anniversary

of Title IX

Women boxers, women coaches, and women officials are an historically underserved group. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, and emerging from the tough two years of the pandemic, women need opportunities to compete, and to foster a sense of community among all women in the sport, including boxers, coaches, officials, and administrators.


Funding for women’s sports is low; however, with the inclusion of women boxers in the Olympics the opportunities to find interested girls and women are greater than ever.  Boxers new to the competition arena are in great need of development in skills, certainly, but even more so to learn strategies to confront the gendered barriers to participation in sport.

To address this urgent need for opportunities in sport, The National Alliance for Boxing (NAB) is hosting a series of development conferences Summer 2022 in Austin, Atlantic City, and Nashville for boxers and coaches to build skills, increase knowledge, and network with other women in boxing. Boxers and coaches will learn from Olympic Boxing Coach  Dr. Christy Halbert, train with other athletes, and attend workshops on career development, mental health, all while building meaningful connections and community with other attendees.

We are proud to partner with Austin Women's Boxing Club, Gleason's Gym Jersey Shore, and Fighter's Gym Nashville this Summer 2022.

Women's Boxing Development Conference 2022: 50th Anniversary of Title IX


Cities and Dates:

Austin, TX - July 23 | Austin Women's Boxing Club

Atlantic City, NJ - August 20th | Showboat Hotel 


Nashville, TN - September 17th | Fighter's Boxing Gym 


Interested boxers and coaches are invited to register for $10 here 

Registration includes t-shirt & lunch.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Christy Halbert (

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